Bal Gokulam Project

The Baroda Lions Club Education Trust has always believed in the philosophy of “Service to God. is service to the Humanity”. To commemorate the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the Trust, the Trust is proud to initiate projects which benefit the society at large.

The Anganwadi project started with the aim of reaching out to the under privileged children of the society by providing quality inputs to the Anganwadi teachers which in turn would motivate these children to attend school regularly.


Out of this initiative, Bal Gokulam Project was conceived which too aims at
providing education to 50 children of Bal Gokulam for ten years. Bal Gokulam is a multi- purpose children’s home for the destitute children managed by Baroda District Probation and Aftercare Association. It works for the Boy’s and Girl’s welfare providing these children food, shelter and clothing.

The Trust firmly believes that no child should be deprived of education inspite of financial constraints and should be provided equal opportunities to grow and develop. This is in keeping with ‘The Right to Education’.

A Memorandum of Understanding was entered into with Bal Gokulam on 18th May 2010. The objective of the Trust is to provide education to the Bal Gokulam students under the Management of BLCET, at Baroda High School Danteshwar in the Gujarati Medium and initiate these students’ into the main stream education system of Baroda High School. Shri Narendra Modi, Hon. Chief Minister of Gujarat felicitated Shri Milin Mehta the President of the Trust on 22nd May 2010.

The Bal Gokulam students at Baroda High School Danteshwar are offered admission as per their age eligibility. No tuition, admission or any other fee is charged from these students. At present 36 children have enrolled at Baroda High School Danteshwar in its Gujarati Medium Section. Mrs. Janki Tank, Probation Officer at Bal Gokulam is the guardian of these children. They commute by a special vtcose bus under the care of a special attendant. The children visited the school during vacation so as to get adjusted to the new environment, now they are well adjusted and attend the school regularly.

These students adhere to Baroda High School – Students Code of Conduct and the Guardian’s are requested to follow the guide lines laid down by the school authority.

We are sure that this kind of effort would sensitise the students of Baroda High School Danteshwar

The fees per student would be Rs. 6200/- per year (including Refreshment fees) and Rs. 5200/- without refreshment. The financial commitment for the 1st year would be Rs. 6200 X 50 = 3,10,000/-
(Please note that the financial implication would change as per the price index)

The dedicated Trustees are devoted to the cause of education maintaining total transparency in the accounting and auditing system. Against any donation received a receipt is given and the donation is exempted under 80G.