About Us

The Banyan city Vadodara has always been a center of education for last several decades. The visionary Maharaja of Vadodara had set up a University in the year 1949 to cater to the educational requirements of the citizens of Vadodara. Though Vadodara had a world class university imparting education through English medium, the city hardly had any English medium school.

In order to bridge this gap in school education and with the object of providing high quality education at affordable cost to the citizens of Vadodara, the Baroda Lions Club Education Trust (BLCET) was formed in the year 1961. The journey began with setting up of the first school in the centre of the city [at Bagikhana a place where the horse-carts of the Maharaja were kept], fondly named as Baroda High School. His Highness, The Maharaja of Baroda, Lt. Col. Sir Fatehsingh Rao Gaekwad, very graciously provided the premises for the school. The students of the school have excelled in different fields over the years and have made outstanding contribution to the society, The commitment of the then management was so profound that it attracted the attention of the management of ONGC (at that time a wing of the Government of India). Therefore, when ONGC decided to set up a base in Vadodara and construct its residential colony, it invited the Trust, in the year 1964, for setting up a school within their campus. This was the second full fledged school set up by the Trust.

The growth of Vadodara, while being all around, moved on the Western Side (popularly known as Alkapuri area). There were no English Medium Schools in that area. The Trust therefore decided to set up yet another school and opened it for the service of the citizens of Vadodara in the year 1974. Till then the Trust was having only English Medium Schools and was aimed at providing education to the Middle Income Groups. The Trust felt an urgent need to bring about reform in (at that time economically and educationally backward) Danteshwar area. Due to nature of the area, no institution was willing to set up an educational institution in that area. The Trust took the bold step in the year 1996 to put all its resources and efforts of its management team, for setting up yet another school primarily aimed to serve the need of lower income group of that area by starting a Gujarati Medium School. Later on English Medium was also added to this campus, as with the school being set up in that area, the entire demography of that area changed. The Trust is proud to be one of the wheels for bringing about this change. The Trust has not restricted its activity to the students who enroll, but has started a voluntary Sunday School for giving the non-school going children primarily of economically deprived strata an opportunity to take basic education and take them into the fold of formal education and completely fund their education. The Trust is wedded to the concept that no child, who wishes to study, should be deprived merely because of financial constraints.

All the schools are English medium, co-educational and have Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Sections. The schools follow the syllabus laid down by the Gujarat State Education Board.

During the journey of 62 years, the Trust has grown in four campuses providing education to more than 12,500 students through qualified, experienced and professionally trained team of around 575 persons.

The Trust was one of the first of its kind to have introduced compulsory training for its teachers and stringent targets of training are set for each teacher for ensuring that their knowledge remain current, their personality become all rounded and their approach to teaching is professional, while remaining the best friend, philosopher and guide for the students. The Trust is proud to have provided education to more than 35,000 students through its schools. Many students of the school have made their mark nationally as well as internationally in different fields. The Institution has always had a very strong bonding with the parents of the wards. The Body of parents in all the schools have made excellent contribution to the development of the Institution over the years.

The Mission of the Trust is to provide each and every student a passion for knowledge, provide equal opportunities for their intellectual, social physical and emotional growth in safe and conducive environment. Accepting all students as unique individuals through a continuous process, all our schools encourage students to develop to their maximum potential to enable them to achieve success individually and contribute to the development of the nation as responsible citizens.

The Trust is managed by eminent professionals from different fields. The Trustees are drawn from the citizens who have committed themselves to devote their time to make contribution in the field of school education. The schools are managed by highly qualified, experienced and dedicated Management Team consisting of Heads of different schools.

The Trust has also launched a website www.barodahighschool.com that is useful for all students, teachers, parents and others. The V.M. Patel Center for Excellence in Education was set up in the year 2004. The Center provides a platform for unleashing the potent talents within each child while being useful for educational programmes for all the schools.